IE student Jelle Rademaker wins award for policy paper in Environmental Science & Technology 2013

We are proud to announce that an article of one of our former Master Industrial Ecology student Jelle Rademaker received the award of 2nd runner up for best policy paper in Environmental Science & Technology 2013. He based the article on his MSc. Industrial Ecology thesis, together with his supervisors Rene Kleijn (Leiden University) and Yongxiang Yang (TU Delft) as co-authors.

Jelle Rademaker

Jelle Rademaker


Recycling as a Strategy against Rare Earth Element Criticality: A Systemic Evaluation of the Potential Yield of NdFeB Magnet Recycling. Rare earth elements are key to many clean technologies, such as electric vehicles and wind turbines.  However, rare earths are short in supply and are predominantly produced in one country (China).  For many OECD countries, this has been reason to cause concern and pursuit strategies to decrease dependence on the primary production of rare earth elements.  One of the often quoted ‘solutions’ is recycling, even though there was no clear picture on the potential".

This research assessed the potential of a recycling strategy against rare earth element criticality for a diverse set of high-tech and clean tech applicatons of rare earth elements, for the period of 2011 to 2030.


During his study, Jelle Rademaker learned about sustainable development during projects in Jordan and as a participant in an expedition to Antarctica in 2008. After graduation in 2011, he co-founded The Green Canals (“De Groene Grachten”), an initiative from former Dutch astronaut and leading Dutch environmentalist Wubbo Ockels. In 2013, Jelle and his business partner and co-founder Suze Gehem were selected for the Dutch "Young Sustainable 100” (“Duurzame Jonge 100”).


Last Modified: 14-04-2014