Student research internships in the Philippines available

CML offer the possibility to conduct a research internship in the Philippines within the Research Program “Integrating Climate Change Adaptation in Protected Area Planning and Management”  in 2012.

Background information about this program is available in PDF-format.

Currently we are looking for students who want to be engaged in one of the following two topics:

  1. Habitat types of the Northern Sierra Madre

    Only a coarse forest type/habitat map exists of the Northern Sierra Madre Mountains in northeast Philippines. In order to be able to model the possible impact of climate change on ecosystems and associated biodiversity a more detailed habitat map is needed. In this study a student will work on the compilation of detailed habitat maps using freely available high-quality satellite images of the project area. The student’s activities will include the classification of the satellite images followed by ground truthing and data gathering on structural characteristics of vegetation types. The results need to be presented in a report, including a description of the different forest types and other habitats of the Northern Sierra Madre as indicated on the newly produced maps.

  2. Distribution modelling of selected bird species in the Northern Sierra Madre

    In this study a student will conduct point counts using visual and aural observations in a variety of habitat types in the Northern Sierra Madre to determine the presence/absence of a number of selected bird species. Point counts will be combined with the determination of environmental variables at the point count locations. The distribution of the selected bird species will be modelled using the computer program MaxEnt.

Both studies require outstanding physical fitness and determination as field research in the Philippine Sierra Madre Mountains is quite a challenge, but also a unique experience. Students have to pay all personal expenses themselves (ca 1200 Euro for a ticket and visa, ca 80 Euro/month for accommodation and office facilities and ca 10-15 Euro/day for food and local transport expenses). Good accommodation, office facilities and local organisational support will be avialable at the Isabela State University in Cabagan. Students will be accompanied by an experienced field team.

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